Covenant Agreement

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Worship... Accept... Teach... Equip... Reach LEADERSHIP / MINISTER COVENANT

As leaders/Ministers, we set the tone and pace for the entire congregation. We model the Christian faith, The Christian life, and the attitude and heart of a Christian for our congregation. We shape the heart, character, and life of this Christian community. For this reason, it is vital that we walk the Christian walk. Spiritually healthy leaders will produce a spiritually healthy church. Likewise, leaders who fail to walk with Christ will have devastating consequences.

With this in mind, the following covenant is being adopted to guide our life together as leaders. We use these standards to hold ourselves accountable for pursuing the Christian life. And in so doing, we recognize that it is God’s grace that calls for our faithful response, and it is God’s grace that will bring transformation in our lives.

Jesus summarized the goal of the Christian life with two commandments: Love the Lord our God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength; and love your neighbor as yourselves.

I. The Goal of the Christian Life: Sanctification

A. Avoid those things which are inconsistent with the life of faith, separate us from God, and bring harm to others, such as:

1. Self-destructive behavior (addictive behavior, poor self-care)
2. Moral compromise (sexual misconduct, greed, dishonesty)
3. I am committed to choices and a lifestyle that is both Godly and “above reproach”, knowing

that my lifestyle is a model for children. (If applicable)
4. Self-centeredness and pride
5. Malice (harboring resentment, acting in anger, backbiting, gossip)
6. Wasting of resources (the church’s, or personal resources of time, talent, finance)

B. Do good of every possible sort, such as:

1. Live a life of love
2. Share our faith inside and outside of LWCC
3. Care for our families
4. Build others up
5. Be engaged with those in need, both inside the church and out

C. Pursue growth in our spiritual lives, such as:

1. Attend worship each weekend, except when sick or out of town
2. Engage in close Christian friendships for spiritual growth and accountability in a small group
3. Serve God with our time and talents
4. Give in proportion to our income, with the tithe being the goal

5. Spend time in prayer and the personal study of scripture

II. The Heart and Attitude of a Leader at LWCC

A. What is the heart and attitude of an LWCC leader?

1. Humble (servanthood)
2. Positive
3. Joyful
4. Committed to Christ
5. Supportive of the mission, vision, and values of LWCC

B. How will LWCC leaders live toward one another?

1. Demonstrating respect and grace
2. Accepting differences
3. Maintaining appropriate confidentiality
4. Publicly supporting other volunteer leaders, pastors, and staff members
5. Going directly to the individual whenever a problem arises


I have read the above and aspire to live my life and pursue ministry in a way that is consistent with these expectations, and desire to do so at Living Water Community Church.



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